Dress Code

Maintaining a dress code

 Promotes focus and a stronger work ethic in class

 Allows teachers to clearly see and adjust body placement, position, and alignment.

All classes

 No jewelry in class. No smart watches. Small stud earrings are okay.

 Hair neatly pulled back and away from face.

 Dance Shoes and all belongings should be labeled with NAME.

 Dance Shoes are NOT to be worn outside.

 Students must be ready and properly dressed before entering the classroom.

 Students not properly dressed, will be asked to observe class.

Combo Classes

 Girls – Any color leotard, tights, and pink ballet shoes, or jazz shoes (Ballet skirt optional)

 Boys – Comfortable clothing and black or white ballet shoes

Tap Classes

 Girls – Any color leotard, tights, or dance shorts, and tap shoes 

 Boys – Comfortable clothing and tap shoes

Teletone taps are recommended


 Girls – Any color leotard, pink tights, and canvas pink ballet shoes

 Boys – Solid color t-shirt, black shorts, and white or black ballet shoes

Tricks & Turns/Contemporary/Technique/Lyrical/Stretch & Strengthen Classes

 Girls- Any color leotard,  and form fitted dance shorts, Jazz or Lyrical Shoes

 Boys- Solid color t-shirt, black dance shorts or jazz pants, Jazz or Lyrical Shoes

No baggy t-shirts or tank tops allowed

Hip Hop

 Girls and Boys – athletic clothing that does not restrict movement (no jeans) and clean Hip-Hop shoes

NO OUTSIDE SNEAKERS are allowed in the dance studios. No Black Rubber-soled Shoes.