Stretch & Strengthen

This specialty class is designed to focus on flexibility, strength, endurance and awareness on the anatomy of a dancer’s body. Dancers will focus on conditioning their bodies with the proper alignment and form to build a strong center and improve their range of motion.


As the foundation of all dance forms, this class trains dancers to focus on technique, proper alignment, control and artistry. Classes include traditional barre and center work while building a strong understanding of French vocabulary and history of ballet. A dancer will not be able to progress to the next level of training without focus on this technique. 

Jazz/Tricks & Turns

Jazz Dance includes isolations of the body, exploring weight shift and grounding one’s movement to the floor while developing complex rhythms and patterns. Dancers will use ballet technique of alignment and control and investigate proper form specific to their body. Tricks & Turns is a specialty class designed to focus on jumps and turns to enhance the dancer’s skills technically while also focusing on Jazz Dance Technique.


This fun, upbeat class incorporates isolation warmup movements, progressions across the floor, and complex choreography. Dancers will explore Hip-Hop history through its variety of techniques such as basic breaking, popping/locking, tutting, and stepping to lyric-appropriate music.  


In this musicality-based class, students will explore rhythm, coordination and sound through articulation and control of their feet as a percussive instrument. Students will build traditional and complex steps into tap phrases.

Musical Theatre Dance Class

Come learn numbers from a variety of Broadway productions! Through the use of musical theatre numbers, students will learn dance technique, practice audition behaviors for musical theatre dance calls and get wonderful experience with performing on Broadway!


Our dance companies are structured to provide a well-rounded program of dance techniques, genres, choreography and performance/competitive opportunities to the focused dancer. We offer a variety of companies specific to skill levels including Boys and Girls Hip-Hop Crews, Petite Elite and Junior Dance Companies for our younger dancers and Main Company and Teen Company for our older dancers. Students must audition for our companies and take all required technique classes to be a part of PVDC. Be sure to check out our Dance Company link for more information!